Refractory tradition keeping pace with the times

FIREMAT produces and sells refractory products for numerous different industrial sectors. This is a newly established manufacturing enterprise which can rely on advanced know-how. With its roots in the refractory tradition, it encompasses the best human and technological resources offered by the sector, assembling a team of technicians with vast experience in planning and production and specialist designers.
It originated as an offshoot of the ALDERO group

FIREMAT offers an extensive range of specialised products for use in constructing industrial kilns and kiln cars, in firing ceramics, etc. It offers over 1,000 standard versions for production, which can be produced using different slip formulations for all sector types and adapted for firing temperatures of up to 1,500°. Moreover, for any specific requirements, our technicians collaborate with the client in researching and developing made-to-measure products.

FIREMAT’s refractory products are made from materials which guarantee the best chemical/physical characteristics and can therefore provide high levels of performance, namely: long-life, high mechanical resistance, resistance to thermal shock, chemical damage, and abrasion, lightweight with less mass for firing, ideal structure for specific items for firing, and less waste at the product’s end of life.

FIREMAT is part of the ALDERO group, the leader in supplies to the sanitary-ware industry.


A new enterprise with old roots

The area where FIREMAT is located has been the site of ceramic production since 1856. History has been made here: the history of products and of men who, through ceramics, developed and passed on knowledge of all kinds: artistic, hygienic, technical and refractory.

Firemat is therefore carrying on the evolution and tradition of such historic companies as Richard Ginori, Ceramiche Industriali, and Laveno Refrattari. With staff who have come from these companies, we preserve and continue the process of developing formulations, moulds, technologies and experience.


Quality and sustainability through innovation

FIREMAT aims to be the benchmark company in the refractory sector, and to achieve this through the supply of technologically advanced items which are not only capable of satisfying the productive needs of clients, but also of allowing them to raise their standards.

The way to achieve this is not a mystery: we invest resources in quality control, researching new formulations and new, more high-performing geometric forms, but most of all we bear in mind the specific nature of the different sectors of use and the individual clients, without losing sight of profitability, energy conservation, or environmental impact.

Where we are

The company’s headquarters are located in Leggiuno (Varese), not far from Laveno, a town that has been famous since the 1800s for its tradition of ceramics and the production of refractory material.


Contrada Pantalone – Zona industriale, 26A
01030 Corchiano VT – Italy


Via Quartaccio, 1
01033 Civita Castellana VT – Italy


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